Weight loss surgery patients often lose large amounts of weight in the months-years following their surgery. Along with all of the incredible health benefits, some patients unfortunately have large amounts of excess skin that result. This can occur in several common areas across the body including arms, legs, abdomen, back, and breasts.

Who is a good candidate for Body Contouring Procedures following Weight Loss Surgery?


Patients who have maintained a consistent weight, are 12-18 months out from their weight loss surgery, and are happy with their current weight are good candidates for treatment. As these patients often have several areas that require treatment, it is good to discuss the best sequence of surgeries to keep you safe and achieve the best results. 

What are some common combinations of surgeries that weight loss patients undergo?

It is very common for massive weight loss patients to treat multiple areas to reach their goals and remove excess skin. Treating multiple areas at once can decrease the amount of surgeries and times under anesthesia required to achieve their final goal. As a rule of thumb, it is often safe to pair 2 areas of treatment per surgery. For example, it would be very reasonable in many patients to pair a breast surgery such as breast lift, male breast reduction, or lift plus implants with an arm lift or tummy tuck. However, pairing additional areas at the same time may take too much time under anesthesia to be considered safe for an outpatient case. Therefore, additional treatments would be planned at a later date, generally 3-6 months from the original surgery. An in depth discussion of the areas of concern can help you and your Plastic Surgeon create a road map to help you reach the finish line in your weight loss journey!

What results can a patient expect from Body Contouring Procedures following Weight Loss Surgery?

Patients can expect a significant improvement in contour of the areas treated, significant improvement in how they look in their clothes, and increased exercise tolerance without excess tissue weighing them down. While many scars from their surgery can be designed 

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