Laser Treatments


The Harmony XL Pro Laser is an extremely powerful tool that can improve your complexion, reverse signs of aging, improve  sun damage and pigment issues, as well as remove tattoos and unwanted hair. With cutting edge technology, we offer the ability to rejuvenate the skin and improve color tone and texture and treat facial veins/redness. 

Who can benefit from Laser Treatments with the Harmony XL Pro?

Our cutting edge laser technology can be used to treat several common signs of aging:

Resurfacing: Laser therapy can be used for skin resurfacing  to remodel and rejuvenate the skin; giving a fuller, more youthful appearance with decreased wrinkles.


Pigment Irregularities/Color Variation: It can be used to treat and improve color changes in the skin by removing sun spots, vascular lesions, brown and red spots, and rosacea.


Tattoo Removal: The same technology can be used to remove tattoos, especially those with black, blue, green, and red as their primary colors. 

Hair Removal: Hair removal can be accomplished in just 3-4 treatments, Our hair removal hand-piece is designed to give you faster and more comfortable treatments than the more traditional hair removal devices.  

Is there “downtime” with Laser Treatments?

These procedures cause minimal discomfort and patients may return to most normal activities immediately or within 1-2 days depending on the specific treatment.


Our Laser technology is able to accomplish significant change without the significant down time seen with many other Laser treatments. 

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