Facial fillers are used to treat one of the biggest causes of facial aging; loss of volume and fullness. The main two classes of facial fillers are those that use Hyaluronic Acid and are reversible, and those that induce a long term effect but are not reversible.

Who is a good candidate for filler?


Any patient who would benefit from an increase in volume would benefit from facial filler. Common areas of treatment include:

  • Liquid rhinoplasty to improve tip shape or a dorsal hump of the nose 

  • Along the jaw to improve contour and help hide jowling

  • Cheeks to lift them and provide a youthful cheekbone

  • Softening of deep lines around the mouth 

  • Deep Nasolabial folds to improve appearance

  • Lip injections for improved fullness of the upper and lower lip

  • In the temple area to improve temporal hollowing in front of the hairline




How much filler will a patient need?


This is a great question. The real answer is as much as is required to get the result they want! Your injector will work with you to develop a custom treatment plan and tailor it to your needs and desires. Our nurse injector, Dewina, has over 20 years of experience, and Dr. Walker has trained extensively to give you a natural result and great experience!



What should a patient expect during and after filler?


During the injection, we use several techniques to increase patient comfort. It generally takes 10-30 minutes to perform injections depending on what is being treated. It is very common to have some swelling and mild bruising in the areas treated for 1-2 days following treatment, and this generally improves quickly without intervention. 



What results can a patient expect from filler?


Most patients have significant improvement in the appearance of treated areas. This usually lasts from 6-24 months depending on areas treated and products used, and your injector can tell you how long to expect the results. 

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