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Surgery for Gynecomastia is designed to remove excess fullness and tissue in the male breast and address the excess size and fullness that can occur in the nipple region. The overall goal is to give a more traditional “masculine” contour to the breast.

Who is a good candidate for a Male Breast Reduction?


In young patients, the most common cause of male breast enlargement is a temporary hormone imbalance that occurs in over half of people around the time of puberty. This increase in breast size usually improves without surgery after puberty, when hormone imbalance goes back to normal. Young patients with an unwanted increase in breast size without improvement for at least 1 year may be good candidates for Male Breast Reduction surgery. It is good to have an in person evaluation by a Plastic Surgeon to rule out some other rarer causes of male breast enlargement as well as decide when the best time for surgery would be if indicated.


For adults, Male Breast Reduction can treat an increased breast size or nipple size that can occur with weight gain as well as loose, extra skin that can occur with weight loss.


What should a patient expect during and after a Male Breast Reduction?


The recovery following Male Breast Reduction surgery will depend on the treatment. Those with significant increase in fullness may benefit from Liposuction, while larger amounts of excess skin and fullness may require removal of tissue. In general, there will be a 1-2 week period of no strenuous activity and a 4-6 week period before full activity following surgery.




What results can a patient expect from a Male Breast Reduction?


The patient should expect significant improvement in contour and size of the male breast and nipple. There may be new scars present that are visible if excision of tissue was required, but these are designed to be along natural creases if possible to decrease visibility.

Male Breast Reduction Before and Afters

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