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Look Younger and Refreshed with Facial Rejuvenation

Father Time has a habit of making most places on your body age as the years pass by. As those decades tick on, signs of facial aging are frequently the most prominent. But the aesthetics field has come a long way in recent years. More options than ever exist for people who want to look refreshed and more youthful.

Dr. Nicholas Walker is a board-certified plastic surgeon who was educated at and trained at Louisiana State University Medical School and Wake Forest University, respectively. As a highly-respected expert in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, he will help you achieve just the look you want. Dr. Walker will thoroughly evaluate your facial anatomy and discuss with you which procedures would best address your aspirations.

A conventional facelift is often the basis for facial rejuvenations. This process reshapes the lower half of the face by removing excess facial skin. It can also remove deep creases around the mouth and nose, as well as get rid of surplus, hanging skin and fat under the chin and on the neck.

Other surgical techniques can be performed independent of the facelift, or they can work to enhance the facelift. Those methods include:

  • A lower facelift and neck lift. It reduces excess skin at the jawline.

  • A brow lift, which improves the look of the forehead, the brow and the region around the eyes.

  • A lift of the eyes. This surgical route decreases bagginess from the lower eyelids and removes excess skin from the upper eyelids.

  • Liposuction of the neck. It’s a treatment that takes away excess fat to sculpt a more refined jawline.

  • Fat grafting. This diminishes wrinkles and fills in parts of the face or body that have a recessed appearance.

Facial revitalization also involves the use of non-invasive methods. Treatments such as dermal fillers and neurotoxins can target particular depths of facial structures to address facial imperfections that include wrinkles, and a loss of skin elasticity and volume.

Dr. Walker knows that each of his patients is unique and individual preferences vary. During your initial consultation with Dr. Walker, you will have the opportunity to discuss your cosmetic goals. Walker Plastic Surgery’s goal is to offer a clear picture of all the options available to you—surgical and non-surgical—and deliver the results you expect.

To book an appointment or schedule a consultation, please feel free to call or text Walker Plastic Surgery at 469-899-8758. You can also email the office at Or, fill in the Contact Us box to schedule a virtual consultation.

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