Implant Exchange/Capsulectomy & Revision Breast Surgery

Revision Breast Surgery refers to a group of procedures that addresses unwanted results that can concur in final appearance with the goal of improving breast shape and symmetry. Revision of breasts that have previously been operated on can be a rewarding experience for patients. This often includes "Implant Exchange" and some form of "Capsulectomy" and/or a Breast Lift/Mastopexy to improve overall size and symmetry. 

Who is a good candidate for a Breast Revision surgery?

Following breast surgery, it is possible that the patient will not be happy with some aspects of the breast appearance both immediately after and long after surgery. This can mean many things ranging from implants that are not in optimal position, nipples that remain lower than desired following a breast lift, significant asymmetry between the breasts, and many other possibilities. Any patient who is unhappy following a breast surgery should be evaluated by a Plastic Surgeon to discuss treatment options.

Common Reasons Women have Breast Revision Surgery:

  • To improve asymmetry in the Nipples or Breast shape/size

  • To make Breast smaller or larger 

  • To treat Capsular Contracture, which is tight scar tissue around the implant that results in pain or asymmetry.

  • To remove and replace a Rupture Implant

What is usually required during an Implant Exchange?

This will largely depend on what is required to improve their breast shape and symmetry. It can range from low downtime with non invasive treatments to similar post operative precautions of their original breast surgery.

In General:

  • For patients who want a larger size, often a simple exchange of one smaller implant for a larger is all that is required.

  • For patients who want a smaller size, a breast lift/Mastopexy is sometimes required to remove any excess tissue and reshape the breast over the smaller implant. 

  • For major asymmetry, breast lift/mastopexy can assist in achieving better symmetry along with implant exchange

  • For tight scar tissue that has formed around the implant, it is generally required to remove the scar tissue with or without an exchange of the breast implant. This scar tissue removal is called a Capsulectomy.

What results can a patient expect from a Breast Revision surgery?


Breast Revision surgeries can improve both the shape and symmetry between your breasts, with the goal of improved patient satisfaction with the final result.

Dr. Walker's Breast Revision Before and Afters

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