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Botox is a medication (abobotulinumtoxinA) that can be injected in several areas of the face to decrease wrinkles. This works because the medication causes a temporary loss of movement from muscles that attach to and cause wrinkles in the skin. A skilled injector knows which muscles of facial expression can be weakened to decrease wrinkles while still giving a natural looking result. Several products are available with similar results, including Botox Cosmetic and Dysport.

Who is a good candidate for Botox?


Botox has many applications, but the most popular areas of injection include areas with wrinkles on the bridge/top of the nose and in between the eyes, on the forehead, and around the eyes in the “crows feet” area.


Botox can also be used to slim a widened face by injecting in the masseter muscle on the side of each jaw bone.




How much Botox will a patient need?


This will vary widely based on the patient and how they respond to the treatment. Patients who have received Botox may require higher and higher doses with time for the same effect and may have to switch in between different brands of botox to achieve adequate results.


In general, the more areas to be treated, the higher the dose. Your injector will come up with a customized plan to fit your needs and will keep your regimen saved in our system for future use.




What should a patient expect during and after Botox?


Botox does not “kick in” for 4-5 days. Full results can be expected in 1 week following the injection. The injections are generally well tolerated, and we use techniques to significantly increase patient comfort. Patients will generally be asked to refrain from working out or rubbing the treated areas the day of injection and to avoid laying down for 4 hours after injection. Patients may have mild bruising following injection that is temporary.




What results can a patient expect from Botox?


The patient can expect significant improvement in wrinkle formation in the treated areas that lasts from 3-6 months.

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