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A Breast Reduction is a procedure that improves the shape and decreases the size of the breasts.

Who is a good candidate for a Breast Reduction?

Patients who have excess skin and breast tissue, especially those whose nipples are low on the breast, may be good candidates for a Breast Reduction. The main thing that distinguishes a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) from a Breast Reduction is that a Breast Reduction improves breast shape and reduces the overall size of the breast, while a Breast Lift is designed to improve breast shape but maintain as much size as possible.


Patients with back/neck pain, rashes under the breasts, difficulty fitting into clothes around their breasts, and significant discomfort with bras/grooving where the bra strap rests are good candidates for a Breast Reduction. Patients often have significant symptom relief with Breast Reduction surgery.



What should a patient expect during and after a Breast Reduction?


Patients can expect mild/moderate soreness in their breasts for the first few days post operatively. There are sometimes mild skin healing issues along the incisions in certain locations and these are easily treated with local wound care as directed by your surgeon.


Will Insurance help pay for my Breast Reduction?


The best way to find out if your insurance provides coverage for Breast Reduction Surgery is to call your individual provider and let them know you are inquiring about a Breast Reduction, CPT code 19318, and ask whether this is a benefit that is offered on your plan. 

If your Insurance does cover Breast Reductions, each  policy will have their own criteria for which patients will and will not be covered. In general, they want to see that your Plastic Surgeon believes that enough weight will be taken off of each breast to provide relief of the symptoms previously discussed (back/neck pain, etc). 

After your consultation, our office will provide step by step assistance with the insurance submission process to make it as stress free as possible. It may take weeks to months to obtain approval depending on your insurance, after which we can assist you in scheduling your procedure. 

What results can a patient expect from a Breast Reduction?


In general, breast reduction patients are very happy and have great symptom relief following the procedure.

Breast Reduction Before and Afters

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To schedule an appointment, online consultation, or learn more about a Breast Reduction, please Contact Us or call us at (469) 899-8758.

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