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This treatment performs targeted surgical scraping of the top layer of the skin. This refinishes the skin and removes surface irregularities. It is one of the best treatments for large pores and can significantly help decrease appearance of scars.

Who can benefit from Dermabrasion?

Skin surface irregularities (such as those from acne scarring or other facial scars), large pores, and moderate depth wrinkles respond well to dermabrasion. It will smooth out texture and thickness imbalances by removing the very top layer of your skin, and your body will regrow this skin layer to be smoother and healthier. 

Is there “downtime” with Dermabrasion?

Dermabrasion will cause the treated areas to appear like a brush burn for approximately 1-2 weeks. During this period of time, the patient will want to avoid most make ups and will be directed to treat areas with a medical grade moisturizer/repair cream. 

What should a patient expect from Dermabrasion?

Patients can expect full results in several months but will see significantly smoother skin in treated areas within weeks. 

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To schedule an appointment, online consultation, or learn more about Dermabrasion, please Contact Us or call us at (469) 899-8758.

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