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In Office Procedures

At Walker Plastic Surgery, many of our surgical services can be performed with great comfort as well as improved safety and cost in the clinic setting without having to "go to sleep" or have a breathing tube. Using a combination of anti-anxiety and pain relieving medications, light sedation, and local and topical numbing agents, many procedures can be done with great comfort and safety without the use of general anesthesia or an operating room. 

Dr. Walker has extensive experience in performing several key plastic surgery procedures in the awake setting in a way that causes minimal stress and a comforting environment for the patient. 

What are some common procedures that can be performed in the office without general anesthesia or an IV?

The following procedures are offered in the in office setting at Walker Plastic Surgery:

What are the benefits of having a procedure in the awake, in office setting instead of general anesthesia?

There are several benefits to having a procedure awake with light sedation in the office versus general anesthesia:

  • Less overall drowsiness

  • Less down time from effects of anesthesia

  • Less post operative nausea

  • No IV required

  • Significant cost savings; many procedures are less than half the cost when done in the office setting. 

Why would I choose general anesthesia instead of in office treatment?

For many procedures, general anesthesia is still a better choice and is very safe when done for the correct patient. In procedures that have a wide area of treatment, it can be difficult to safely provide enough numbing medication. For others, it is important to have the patient asleep to provide maximum safety for factors such as preventing excessive movement, more closely monitoring hydration, to provide a good experience without excess anxiety, etc. This option is chosen when necessary to increase the safety of the procedure and provide a good experience. We perform an extensive pre operative evaluation, and Dr. Walker has hand selected all of his anesthesia providers, so that we can provide the best, safest experience possible to our patients when general anesthesia is required. 

Blepharoplasty Before and Afters

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Liposuction Before and Afters

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Ear Surgery Before and Afters

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Upper Lip Lift Before and Afters

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