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Chin Surgery or Mentoplasty is a very powerful tool for some patients to create a youthful, attractive profile and to give harmony and balance to the entire face. A well-positioned chin can make or break the appearance of the neck line and the nose, as a small, far back chin position can give the illusion of a “big nose” and a full neck.

Who is a good candidate for a Chin Augmentation or Reduction?

Patients seeking adjustment of their chin position fall into two broad categories: those who want an augmentation (bigger chin) and those who want a reduction (smaller chin).


Augmentation of the chin is a great procedure for many patients who feel they have a “big nose”, either alone or in conjunction with a Rhinoplasty, and also for those whose chin sits far behind their lower lip on profile view.


Chin Reduction is a good procedure for those who feel they have an overly projected or large chin. This is done with movement or removal of small portions of the natural bone of the chin.



What type of chin implant is used?

Many types of implants are used for Chin Augmentation.


Chin Augmentation can be performed with your own tissue, through movement of the natural bone of your chin, or with an implant (usually silicone). Small, permanent augmentations of the chin can also be obtained with fat grafting. In addition, some patients use filler injections for a temporary change to “try out” and chin augmentation before committing to surgery. 


What should a patient expect during and after a Chin Augmentation?


The incisions may be inside the mouth or hidden below the chin. Swelling both in the chin areas and cheeks will be present for 2-4 weeks, with final results in 3 months.


What results can a patient expect from a Chin Augmentation?


Patients can have very dramatic results following Chin Augmentation, with improvement in the overall balance of the face. This can give the appearance of a slimmer neck line and smaller nose.


After a reduction of the chin, the face will look slimmer from both frontal and profile view.

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To schedule an appointment, online consultation, or learn more about a Chin Augmentation/ Reduction, please Contact Us or call us at (469) 899-8758.


What financing options exist for treatments at Walker Plastic Surgery?


Walker Plastic Surgery has partnered with Care Credit to help our patients finance the costs of their procedures. The CareCredit card is North America’s leading patient payment program. The CareCredit card is easy to use, includes no hidden costs, and can be applied towards both surgical costs and follow-up appointments.

Through their website, you can access tools like the payment calculator and even find out if you qualify for a CareCredit card by starting a commitment free, instant application.

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