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I Have Small Breasts But I Don't Want a Breast Implant. What are my Options?

Some women with micromastia, or naturally small breasts, are hesitant to get breast implants. Although most modern breast implants are very safe and can offer great results, I never try to "talk someone into implants" if they truly do not feel it is the right choice for them.

It this circumstance, fat grafting can be a great alternative.

To be a good candidate for fat grafting, a patient has to meet a few criteria:

1. They need to have a donor site, AKA they must have some extra fat to donate. The plus side of this is that the area of donor fat (often the abdomen, flanks, thighs, etc.) can also get the benefits of liposuction.

2. They should want a natural result. Breast Implants are capable of giving significant upper pole fullness and cleavage, but fat grafting gives more of a natural slope to the breast appearance.

3. They need realistic expectations about the final size. Fat grafting can give a great final result, but generally will only increase the breasts 1-2 cup sizes and it could take multiple treatments to reach the desired size.

Fat grafting isn't just limited to augmentation alone, but it can also be a useful tool for improving fullness during a breast lift or mastopexy.

If you want a natural result and want to avoid implants, fat grafting can be a great alternative to breast implants.

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